thoughts on growth hacking

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Buzz word

Growth is buzz word in todays IT world especially startup world & culture, if one is not continously growing , that is endangering sign. Either someother company may take over you like the cases happened for Kodak. So growth hacking is like “MOVE FAST & BREAK THINGS”. One need to evolve and growt from/with the existing products and service. Its like branching out .

How to Growth hacking?

The hacking word isn’t misleading, infact it is the inspiration for the Growth Culture . It isn’t easy to continously Rise high & higher , so one need to do it either by hook or by crook . That all is matter to find way between the hurdles. So having a hackers way to do the stuff isn’t bad at all. Further this talent isn’t easily visible just through face to face interview generally & one can’t simple induce it just that . So just watch & observe precisely to find it .


One may definitely argue and fight for the cons but the truth is Growth hacking or other alternative Productivity is addictive habit , one you are into it , one does go for it everyday & everytime. And ofcourse there are options to rollback if anything goes wrong .


Finding solution any-how is main motive ,it can done through being creative or just using the conventional methods.

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