Protocol for the hackathon

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Thoughts on hackathons

After attending 7-8 hackathons, at the time of writing this. I feel there has been a missing link in each of them. Not each of the product I made at hackathon went into production, except for 2. If it isn’t ready for production, it’s not worth it. Motto of each hackathon should be

Ship it!!

Hackathons are best to meet like minded people and get introduced to cutting edge technologies. It’s an fantastic opportunity to learn from others and get evaluated for your implementation. Hackathons can be daunting at first, but that’s always the story for something good ahead.

Back at issue, production code matters. It’s a mindset. A hack in hackathon won’t last long and would add to technical debt later. A well thought code base goes long way ahead. So the protocol for any hackathon should be writing production ready code, always!.


Emphasizing on writing tests

Writing test will payoff it's due in a week. Continue reading

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