Computional thinking

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Computational Thinking: Way to Problem Solving

   What is compuational Thinking ?

It is an approach to problem solving,system designing and also understanding human behaviour by drawing on the concepts fundamental to computer science . Pretty Gross ?

Simplification: Act of thinking with principles borrowed from computer.

Any problem can be solved if it is thinked in terms of :

 1. Constraints
 2. Abstraction
 3. Decomposition
 4. Heuristics
 5. Algorithms
 6. Recursion
 7. Concurrency
 8. Synchronization
 9. Efficiency
 10. Elegance
 11. Tradeoffs between processing and storage
 12. Caching
 13. Interpreting code as data and data as code [ imp]
 14. Prevention,detection and recovery from worst-case scenarios.

That’s all the cases researcher{J.M. Wing} could have thought of till now. So just fit your problem in terms of above parameters and one is good to go.

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