Importance of writing and public speaking

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Have you wondered what it is one thing that separate human from rest of the diversity ?

It is the ability to communicate and preserve that communication, spread that communication. Infact the nature follows the law, if you know something you can’t keep it to yourself, you have to apply it and spread it. That’s why universe is expanding and time flies by. Nothing is still and is at rest, so must be your thoughts.

There are no stupid thoughts and ideas !

Though i could have given example of Gallileo and Leonardo da vinci. But it is the shear imagination of humans that have given birth to miracles and technology. One must live for creativity and its implementation. So what if you failed n times, n+1 time you will succeed provided you don’t repeat the mistakes.

Write like it’s worth, think like it will be implemented.

The mere fact that idea will communicated makes it serious thought. One care and try to polish that idea. Ideas need not to be unique, but progressive

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