Fallback to competitive programming

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Lately i have been making mistakes during my job and lot of them are logical, silly and easily detectable. But what is that happening? I don’t have ADD/ADHD(Attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder). Contrast is, i didn’t had these mistakes earlier.So I started slacking off on competitive websites during weekends.


Performance started to improve as if I specifically don’t need to think about silly mistakes. In order words brain muscles got weak since I left my brain gym and now it’s pumped up. And it’s also true that overworking is good habit. Being in practice of finding all the test-cases for a problem let us think more profoundly.

Another benefit observed from this fallback is about procrastination. Now I procrastinate lot less, it’s because during competitive programming contest you just can’t stand because you aren’t in mood. It’s simple GET YOUR SHIT DONE attitude. Another benefit is to think fast through the problem. Thinking process becomes lag free, better concentration and got more work done is less time.

Brain gyms

There are lot of platforms like Topcoder, ICPC, Codeforce, HackerRank etc. But I personally prefer “HackerRank”(not sponsored). HackerRank got a good list of well curated problem. Problem language is mature and doesn’t look like total sci-fi. Site generates good amount of discussion on problem and is active for most part of the month and year. They have problem from different domains and not just algorithms and time complexity. It’s over all comp-sci problem which helps in over all development.

“So keep calm and code-on”.


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