Escalating from octopress to jekyll

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Octopress is derived from jekyll itself . It is very much automated with commands but it is mainly for blogging.

    rake new_post["escalating from octopress to jekyll"]

but in jekyll

    touch 2014-04-19-escalating-from-octopress-to-jekyll

#why jekyll ? Jekyll because it has super power . Jekyll can handle having post and pages for the website , while the octopress is only able to handle only post .

thats one only no ?

instead of

rake deploy

one uses

jekyll build

and push directly to github along with markdown files , which is very handy feature incase one lost blog . It can be regenerated again.

Not to mention the awesome liquid tags . and emoji <h2 id="planning-does-not-work-while-judging-does">Planning Does Not Work While Judging Does</h2>


Planning includes others people actions, well that can change instantaneously . So the plan gets nowhere. Is that what you want ? NO.

Judging part includes you as an integral part. Well you can trust yourself more than anybody else yourself.

Planning also sounds more like a evil intention. Judging either goes right or wrong . That’s all.

Goal is same but paths are different . Choose the right one.


#what superpower-jekyll got ?

  1. Behind the scene jekyll generates the html code which pages can understand .

  2. Jekyll is also the wizard behind handling gh-pages on github i.e the github pages can recognize if the sites is build in jekyll so it will handle it in jekyll gem way .

  3. The best thing one can mix HTML with markdown .

4.More over it , it build with hackers tendency i.e code for everything.

#best place to learn jekyll ?

Official documentation is the best @ jekyll docs.

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