avoid brilliant jerks

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Brilliant jerks ?

So who are Brilliant jerks (someone awesome at coding/hacking?) Yes , they are top coder people , algorithmic strong and overrunning , specialist in their areas but with an collaboration problem with them . They get arrogant for their material and are blame gamers .

Philosphy !!

This philosphy is very much followed and applicable to startup culture and growth culture companies . Startup is not looking for brilliant geek but also for a team player , who can effectively communicate with the team and maintain the integrity. A culture where you don’t aim at others for the problem , a culture you believe in peer review system .

How to handle them?

The thing is one can’t just trust them the best way is just to avoid these people because it is very much important to preserve the existing resources and something which can go side by side with them . The collaboration part is most important .

Filtering out soon ?

So how one filter them out , it’s simple you can smell them out during the personal interview . Whether the person is trustful ,making false statement & commiting their own mistakes .


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