##Communication Is Important

Communication is very important . This is productivity part for any job. This shows

  • commitment
  • your understanding ,
  • progress towards goals,
  • problems in goals

It is acutally not the pair programming instead it’s actually the communication which is best practice in developing and writing codes. If one is thinking that he/she will surprise the world just like that in a go.

   You are at the wrong side .

Productivity comes when you don’t even think about it .

Just Make Simple but No Simpler

The above lines are of mighty Albert Einstein. Don’t assume yourself the complexity of the problem . For example jeklly and octopress and static site generator . That’s all . No need to make surprises for yourself.

You put your content in markdown , preview it and generate the relevant content in html,css,js using jekyll. And ultimately do the rake deploy.

One should definetly agree that there is life beyond pressing buttons . Just code and deploy .